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Can we talk about how Ichabod makes Abbie laugh? How even when he's throwing a tantrum about some historical inaccuracy or new-fangled thing he can't figure out, she thinks he's silly and adorable and it makes her smile. How with the literal weight of the world on her shoulders and nightmare monsters chasing her daily, Ichabod is her little piece of happiness. Crane is sometimes a dick, but he's also the only person so far (other than Corbin) who has made Abbie Mills laugh.
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that is



we can

talk about

because it’s cute as hell and Nicole Beharie’s smile/laugh gives me butterflies, but also because have you seen how he looks when she does it? He rarely looks annoyed, if anything he looks pleased even (especially?) when it’s at his own expense, and if you try to tell me he didn’t to that exaggerated straw-sucking thing on purpose to make her laugh then I will thank you kindly to see yourself out because he 100% did and I will not sit here and listen to lies. 

It adds such a great extra layer to their relationship because they very easily could have just had this bickering-like-a-married-couple/”you get on my nerves” deal going and that still would have worked - does work for loads of ships - but the fact that she finds him adorable and hilarious and he enjoys that is just such a nice thing about them. 

My precious babies. *dinosaur noises* 


melinda may + the well-being of her ducklings

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favourite character: Nasir


-“Do not ask me to turn from you.”
-“I ask only that you live…and wrest what joy that yet may be found under remaining days.


"The wonder of it all is, he’s not even trying." 

Portamis in 1x03 - Commodities

Porthos Week Day TwoFavourite Relationship x Portamis


The Wires Must’ve Gotten Crossed - A Killian Jones/Ichabod Crane AU.

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"The second I looked at her…everything changed. The whole universe…changed."

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